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   Commercial Image



You can use our address when you make or represent your company. You can even print it in your business cards, news paper or any of your marketing tools even if your main office is in another state or country


The perfect address for you business


Being able to concentrate on your business, while we take care of everything else




Corporate image for your business.

Professional image that your business requires.

We take care of your phone calls, fax, mail and offer you conference rooms and much much more.

Commercial Representation  include:
Private phone number.
Fax access.
Access to all facilities Monday to Friday 09:00 to 18:00 hrs.
Use of Our address.

Flexible contract and good prices.


          Virtual Office Services:

Phone and Fax

Your own phone number 

You can use our fax number and receive faxes in normal business hours. 

Office use and Meeting Rooms

You can reserve an office or a meeting room as you need them, just contact one of our associates to make the appointment.

Mail Service

We will receive your mail until you pick it up,  or whatever instructions you want us to do with it.

 Voice-Mail Service

You can check your voice-mail  anywhere in the world 365.                              

E-mail Service

 You can receive your phone messages by e-mail if You like.

Other Services

Our friendly staff will help you in anything you need:

- Answering service. 

- Receptionist for your clients.

- Printing or forwarding your messages, fax, and emails.

- Mail Service.

- Award service in your meetings.

- Parcel and currier service.

- Appointment reminders.

- Publicity and many other services.


Minimum Contract: Six Months.

NOTE: Our prices are in USD but we only accept Mexican currency and they do not include IVA and other Mexican taxes.

Our services have additional cost and we charge them according to our current price list.

Basic service is for 3 users and each additional user will create an additional charge.

Atractive discounts available for long term contracts.


                  Contact Us

Phone 52 (55) 1105 0505

Fax. 52 (55) 1105 0503

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