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We offered a prestigious Business Address for your company and atmosphere of work that reflects the professionalism of your company.


     Flexible Services

Fully Furnished Offices
Immediate Availability
Contracts by hour, day, month and years
Exclusive Zones
Infrastructure and Technology
Internet Access
Digital Network

Free Access 24 hours

Prestigious Business address for your company
Secretaries Services
Parcel Service
Workstation with PC
Travel and Event Organization
Customized Telephone for your Company
Customer Reception

Flexible Contracts

Our Business Center acts like a Hotel but instead of a Room you get your Office with the same flexibility you could have in a hotel of staying as long as you want.

We offer receptionist and concierge services, meeting rooms, high speed internet, phone service, parcel and mail service, refreshments and virtual offices giving you the must for your time and money invested on us.

Save money and time by not having to sign up for long contracts, having your own employees and high cost on your own infrastructure.

At ILO International Local Office. You can reserve an office that meet all your needs, being able to use our common areas and all our services like receptionist, secretaries, concierge, meeting rooms, coffee, kitchen, restrooms, and all other benefits that we offer with our services. Remember that our contracts can be from one day to years depending on your needs.  

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Allows you instantly to have the space and image your company requires in the world of business.

Image and Functionality

You can start operations immediately after signing your contract. This reduces costs because you do not need to buy equipment and hire more people than you really need.

The process of getting a new office can take weeks and even months. With us you do not get what you do not need, and only pay for what you want to use.  We even offer you that if you come and sign your contract You can start working in your office in 45 minutes.

Before you go out there and spend a lot of time and money getting an office come and discover how easy we can make this process for you. 

...from one photocopy to your most important business matter handled by our highly professional support staff.
  Support Services      
Receptionist Secretaries
Meeting Rooms Tech Services
Telephone Mail
Fax Coffee Area
High Speed Internet Translations
Help Desk Courier
Office Supplies Transportation
Modern Infrastructure Concierge
Consumables Cleaning Crew
Business Support Photocopies
Support Team Car Rental
Maintenance Travel Agency
Tech Support Tech Assistance
Digital Network Event Organization



Atractive Discounts with long time commitments


         Fully Furnished Office
Our offices are fully furnished and fully operational according to all the current legislation in health and safety. If needed we can accommodate all your additional needs at a low additional cost.

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            Private Office

From 24 m3 with all the services included to private suites with private washroom and meeting tables.

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              Virtual Office

Enjoy all the benefits of having a fully functioning office without moving from your present location, further more you can choose one of our prestigious addresses to print in your business cards and marketing materials.

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There are manly two options, small cubes for one person with internet service and telephone, by the hour or by day (Monday to Friday 09:00 to 18:00 hrs) and the other option is for permanent clients with access 24/7 365.

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  Team Room with Workstations

Designed for 3 or more people in very comfortable work stations you can dive your team in groups that do the same kind of work so they can share thoughts or information easily.

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              Meeting Rooms

State of the art equipment available in the meeting rooms, with all you expect from a large company like us. Luxury, service and customer care that is a cut above-experience a level of comfort in your meetings while your customers enjoy our infrastructure.

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           Executive Office

The very best for executives, state of the art offices with many options. We will meet all your needs.

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             Hot Desking

For 2 or more people lowering your costs by rotating your mobile employees among standardized work stations.

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            Common Areas

Receptionist, secretaries, self service areas, printers, fax, high speed internet, refreshments, coffee, washrooms, digital phones, and many more services are located in the common areas.

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        Self Service Areas

Fax, printers, coffee, refreshments, kitchen and lunch available on request.

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                  Contact Us

Phone 52 (55) 1105 0505

Fax. 52 (55) 1105 0503

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