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ILO Business Center with fully equipped offices that you can get by the hour, day, month or even years in the exclusive Lomas de Chapultepec or in beautiful Santa Fe in Mexico City.

At ILO International Local Office business centers, you can use exclusive offices that meet all your needs. Being able to use our common areas and all our services, like receptionist, secretaries, concierge, meeting rooms, coffee service, kitchen, restrooms, and many more services.

Save money and time by not having to sign up for long contracts, having your own employees and high cost on your own infrastructure.

                                          Having your own office
                                                is just a phone call

                    We make it easy for you so you can work headache free                         

                 Instant Resource for a new generation of companies.
Full Service at your convenience.
Pay as you go.
Flexible time contracts.
As easy as to make hotel reservations.
You take care of business we take care of you.
We are the best option to reduce your overhead cost.

    Solutions for your new business.                                                             Instant Offices

       Fully Furnished Offices
     Fully Equipped

Our offices are fully furnished and fully operational according to all the current legislation in health and safety. If needed we can accommodate all your additional needs at a low additional cost.


               Virtual Office
      Commercial Image

You can register to your company, representation or business, using our representative direction. He can publish this commercial direction and print it in his business cards and pamphlets. If its company has the first house in any place of the country or the world, you count on the possibility of expanding your network of branches, using the direction of our Business Center, like part of the service of official commercial direction.


          Meeting Rooms
     The most effective place for your meetings.

State of the art equipment available in the meeting rooms, with all you expect from a large company like us. Luxury, service and customer care that is a cut above-experience a level of comfort in your meetings while your customers enjoy our infrastructure.


   You can get an office very easy and just for the time you need it.

At ILO International Local Office You can reserve an office that meet all your needs, being able to use our common areas and all our services like receptionist, secretaries, concierge, meeting rooms, cafeteria, kitchen, restrooms, and all other benefits that we offer with our services. Remember that our contracts can be from one day to years depending on your needs.

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                  Contact Us

Phone 52 (55) 1105 0505

Fax. 52 (55) 1105 0503

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